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Male and female flowers with delivery to Ukraine

Presented with flowers as a gift, you must be guided by the flower etiquette. Select a bouquet woman or girl for the abundance of plants and flowers to choose the right color scheme, more difficult than men to collect a bouquet. Flowers are presented to men infrequently, however florists can offer quite a variety of colors for men.

In drawing up the male bouquet should be remembered that use the best long plants with strong stems and large flowers, such as: gladiolus, chrysanthemums, carnations, lilies, roses, peonies, anthurium. Flowers with petals of pink color it is advisable not to give, it is better to pick a bouquet of red, blue or white shades. Decorate and supplement composition can arts and deciduous plants: ferns, asparagus, aspidistra leaves, Ficus Elastica, medium-sized leaves monstera and others.

By packaging colors for men fewer requirements. As a rule, elongated bunches, dome-shaped, decorated more modestly, without ribbons and various ryushikov. The composition decoration delicate blossoms also include baby's breath. The film uses a transparent or with a simple geometric pattern, which gives a stronger bouquet, restrained appearance.

Women are often customary to give flowers: about a date and for no reason, just expressing his warm feelings. But the abundance of so to say "female" colors complicates their choice. Here, you can use any from the field and garden to the exotic luxury. Knowing certain rules can be properly arrange a beautiful bouquet. For example, collecting a bouquet girl should choose light-colored flowers with a slightly blossoming buds, thus emphasizing the freshness of youth and age. Older women are selected richer, deeper colors: red, burgundy, lilac ... Packing for female flowers can be very diverse - all a matter of taste and imagination. Restrictions in decorating, perhaps, either. All kinds of decorations made bows, ribbons, feathers are appropriate decorative element, give more aesthetic appearance.

Bouquet can carry targeted, for example, a wedding bouquet for the anniversary, the first or the last call. In such cases, especially if provided photos or videos, you need to consider when choosing a bouquet growth and complexion woman. A small woman is better suited a small bouquet of small flowers, women should choose a large bouquets of flowers with more prominent. The same principle should be followed and the selection of decorations.

Flower shop offers a sea of flowers and a professional design by experienced florists compositions of flowers for any celebration. Give a surprise to your loved ones, you can using our delivery service. It is a reliable and easy way to give people happiness !!!

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